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How to Change Footer Credit of Your Free Blogger Template

How Can I Change my Footer Credit of My blog ! 

Changing footer credit is one of the biggest queries of beginner bloggers those who are beginners. To optimize your blogger with a professional look the footer area should look nice. Until you manage your footer area  it may not look professional. If you are ready to pay some amount of money to design the theme you will have full authority over the html of your blog and you can easily customize your blog.
Change footer Credit

What if I Remove The Footer Credit of My Free Blogger Theme?
Even if you locate the footer credit  in the edit html section and try to  remove or change the footer credit your theme would be cracked and your id directed towards the blog theme owner website. Why does it happen? Because the designer company designs an id and places each section. They make the setting that without the particular id the area or widget doesn't work. If you are capable of locating the id setting and changing the id definitely you can develop your own design and you would not be here to read my blog, would you?  
But never mind, I have the best idea for you and for your blog to make you look professional. I will give a detailed idea with the html code to place so that you can own any free blogger templates without investing a single dollar. 
Dear Blogger follow the following steps to change the footer credit of your template with html.

Step 1. Log in to your blogger and go to the dashboard. Locate the 'Theme' in your blogger dashboard. Click on it.

How to Change Footer Credit of Your Free Blogger Template

Step 2. You will see the following interface:

How to Change Footer Credit of Your Free Blogger Template

Click on the down arrow nearby the customize button and you will see the following interface.

How to Change Footer Credit of Your Free Blogger Template  

Now click on the 

'Edit HTML' 

Step 3

Locate the footer area with the help of word which is written in your Blogger templates footer area as footer credit. For example- Designed by, crafted by, powered by and etc...

How to Change Footer Credit of Your Free Blogger Template

Sep 4

Copy the following code and paste in the footer location.  add one <div> to close the tag at last.

Please note:- when you paste the following code you need to change the link attributes there.

<div class='copyright-area'><p style='text-align:center;'>Copyright (c) 2020 <a href='https://www.acharyaramg.com.np/'>Ramji Acharya</a> All Right Reserved</p>

<div class='ty-copy-container row' style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>

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