Green Tea Illusion and Reality

Nowadays, those who consider themselves highly conscious, modern and those who consider themselves different and superior to others are under the illusion of so-called Green Tea.  Drinking any tea is harmful and so-called green tea is dangerous.

In our society, it was customary to drink decoction, we used to drink basil water all over our house and we used to drink water of basil leaves.  It was a common practice to drink water with fruits like Timur, Lemon, Cinnamon and other spices. Our Ayurveda Shatra has developed about 5,000 types of beverages that are absolutely self-sufficient and life-giving.

First of all, there are 18 types of chemicals in tea, including nicotine, titin, caffeine, theophylline, and other harmful chemicals that cause great damage to the body. It rapidly increases the acidity in the body and therefore also raises blood pressure.  Similarly, green tea raises blood pressure, green tea is like twenty for walkers, the elderly and those with high blood pressure. This tea species and the so-called green tea itself is like twenty leaves.

Who Taught

First of all, the benefits of this tea are the same for those who have low blood pressure and live in extreme cold. In Nepal, where the temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius, tea is consumed for only 5 months.  According to RAG, green tea is not good for anyone except low blood pressure. So this green tea is completely harmful.

Europeans are increasingly using tea because they live in Chesapeake and people in the American Eurasian society have a general tendency to lower blood pressure. So tea and green tea are fine for them.  Both the need for beverages and the sugar trade were at stake. At the same time, tea was promoted in India as the supreme beverage and the upper class to drink and be beneficial to health. It was first cultivated in Assam.

In the winter Indian and Nepali people used to use pepper, mint, sugarcane and hot water and never miss the basil leaves. In summer, it was a common practice to use sugar, lemon and the same basil leaves.

The target of the British was the hatred of the Tulsi plant used by the Hindus as a wild poisonous weed. They started banning the use of Tulsi leaves and water by using doctors.  There were plans to lap. They wanted to make Indians inferior and rude in every way and to increase their intended education and trade in goods.

In India, where the population was large, there was a strategy to increase trade without investment, to increase trade without investment, and to make trade without the use of traditional herbs and plants. Similarly, it was misrepresented as healthy. The main reason for this is to get rid of the use of basil and increase the amount of tea.

Tea or green tea, or a variety of colors and covers, are now being promoted and are being traded for hundreds of dollars around the world. In the past, it has had a serious impact on our health.  Herbs with high medicinal properties around our homes are being wasted and the values ​​of our ancestors are being eroded.  Thus, toxic drinks have been increased and people are getting angry due to the promotion of various teas. These green teas are increasing gastric, hypertension, drug addiction, depression, leukemia, etc. complex and heart ailments.  Yes

Therefore, abandoning the history, customs, traditions and their health and herbs, they followed the same useless brown ones and uprooted the basil in the name of the so-called green tea and gave up the idea of ​​drinking twenty teaspoons of green tea.