You are weak, you can't stand even for a minute, he gets up from the bed while talking and goes near the window and lights a cigarette.  The Chinese couple, who had entered the adjoining room at dinner time, were still muttering, making a loud noise coming from their room.

Trying again, I run to the window to seduce him.  She is smoking a cigarette and screaming outside the window.  A loving couple hugs and kisses on the beach, while melodious music plays in a nearby restaurant.  The girl is stroking the boy's hair with her hand.

I am more thrilled to see the outside.  I forcibly put my hand on his thigh and stop, he turns around, ignores me, goes to the table and smokes on the ashtray.  I lean towards him, grab him by the arm and fight him on the bed.  He is yet to be ready.  Once, I try to seduce him, he gently takes off all his clothes.  I'm going upstairs, but I feel like my hips are broken.  Hey, I'm going up and down.  It is like a needle in a haystack.

I am very angry with myself.  I will get up.  I light his cigarette in the ashtray.  She is standing with her naked body near the window.  I glance once, I have been feeling dry inside myself for years without being able to eat the juicy food in front of me.

I have the same problem with Rosie as I did when I was an old woman.  Throughout his life, society saw the problem of infertility.  The problem was inside me, she hid my weakness by becoming a good wife.  Perhaps in the latter part of my life I developed a sexual desire that I did not have the ability to fulfill, and I did not want to stop it.  After 12 years of relationship, we got divorced.  Rosie was found three years after the divorce.

I remember when I was six years old, I fell from the roof and broke my back bone.  I have two rods on my back.  When I wake up, it's like a needle in a haystack.  I can't jump, I can't move.  All my life I have been living in an insatiable thirst for sex.  Sexual hunger awakens inside me, insatiable extreme sexual thirst is quenched, I open my clothes and climb, it feels like a sharp needle is pierced, I feel overwhelmed, I feel frustrated in myself.

Now she is asleep, Rosie is trying to sleep.  I feel inferior.  She has covered her naked body.  Rosie, I'll call her.  He looks at me, leaning on the bed.  I collect eight.  "I can't quench your sexual thirst for the rest of my life.", I look at his face with a smirk.  There is no change in his face.  He listens to me and goes to bed and Sirak grunts.  What is he thinking  Is she also able to act as a good wife in front of the society?  Isn't the latent sexual hunger inside her gripping her?  There are so many things going on inside me.  I am sitting next to him and sitting quietly.  There is a deep silence in the room.  She covers her mouth and takes a deep breath.  In the next room, a Chinese couple is making a crying noise.  Their bed is squeaking and screaming.