Ramji Acharya

M.Phil Scholar at Kathmandu University, School of Education, Coordinator at Regent Residential School, English Language Instructor and Teacher Trainer for ICT in Education

Recent Achievement

Capacity Building for English Teachers of Grade 11 and 12 Training on Teaching

Organized by NELTA and Supported by RELO, US Embassy

In coordination with CEHRD, Sano Thimi
Dates: 19-25 June 2022

  • Language Teacing and assessment
  • Teaching Literature
  • Pedagogies for Teen Learning
  • Curriculum of ELT in Secondary level
  • Students Behaviour Management
  • Classroom Management

Certificate of Training

Recent Publications

Commonly Used Classroom Words and the Correct Pronunciation

Commonly Used Classroom Words and the Correct Pronunciation Words Syllables Stress Phonemic Transcription desert 2 ˈde.zərt /ˈdezət/ hour 1 aʊə /aʊə/…

Class 10 Guide

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Enhancing Assessment Practices: The Power and Practicality of Rubrics

Introduction According to research by Stiggins and Chappuis (2005), a rubric is a scoring guide used to evaluate the quality of students' work. I…

Alternative Assessment: A Comprehensive Review of its Effectiveness and Implementation Strategies

- Ramji Acharya Abstract: This article comprehensively reviews alternative assessment methods and their effectiveness in evaluating student learning…

Vocabulary of An Open Letter to UN Secretory General

Word Phonemic Transcription Meaning Advocate /ˈædvəkət/ to speak or write in support of something Adolescent /ˈædələsənt/ a person between the ages o…