Ramji Acharya

Hello! I’m Ramji Acharya an M. Phil. scholar at Kathmandu University School of Education, English language teacher and teacher trainer with over 10 years of teaching and leadership experience specializing in Education and management. Experienced with all stages of leadership for dynamic language teaching and teacher training projects. Having an in-depth knowledge including advanced educational pegagogy for language teaching in EFL context. Strong background in management and leadership.

  • English Language Teaher
  • IELTS Instructor
  • Teacher Trainer
  • Writer

Recent Achievement

Capacity Building for English Teachers of Grade 11 and 12 Training on Teaching

Organized by NELTA and Supported by RELO, US Embassy

In coordination with CEHRD, Sano Thimi
Dates: 19-25 June 2022

  • Language Teacing and assessment
  • Teaching Literature
  • Pedagogies for Teen Learning
  • Curriculum of ELT in Secondary level
  • Students Behaviour Management
  • Classroom Management

Certificate of Training

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