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Stories Written By Students 

Multilingual Critical Creative Writing Workshop 

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These Stories are the product of "Multilingual Critical Creative Writing Workshop" which was run in a school for grade 9 students.

1. Why There is a Ghost in Our Mind 

                  - Rukshana Sapkota 
                - Jack Rai
                - Subham KC
                - Roji Rana

2.  Ungiven Gift by Nature

                - By Sunita Ghale Gurung

3. A story From Japan; Where I Was 

                - Nrish Shrestha

4. The Powerful World with Money 

                - By Pratistha Sapkota

5. A Wonderful Visit to the Strange Village 

                - By Shishir Timalsina

6. My Story In Los Angeles - How I Became Me

                - By Sunil Giri

7.  The Terrible Trip 

             - By Grishma Shrestha

8. Her Dark Side 

           - Saccharine Ghale